Monday, June 8, 2015

What to do when you're waiting for notes from your editor. (Or The Bee's Tongue)

Hello readers!

I'm waiting for edits on book two, and so have turned my attention to my other other great love: nature. 

With book three in mind, I've been learning about natural foods, and have found lots of wild rocket growing near my house. Look out for it when you're out and about, it loves to grow in cracks in the pavement or by the side of foot and cycle paths. And remember to leave some behind for the next creatures too.

I've also made elderflower champagne.

Elderflower champagne-to-be

Best of all, a bee flew into my window and I fed it sweetened water. My flat is something of a hotspot on the Bee Highway, and I sometimes rescue four or five bumble bees a day (or the same bumble bee four or five times a day.) This, however, was a honey bee, and I noticed it crawling very slowly across my floor, like a woman left too long in the desert (if women had six legs, and also wings.) Giving this bee a drink of sweetened water is honestly one of the best things I've ever done, because previously I didn't know bees had tongues. 

To capture this wonderful discovery, I made an astonishingly bad video on my phone. 

How like a kitten the humble bee laps its sugar water! Is this the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Please excuse the poor quality and daft narration, this is the first video I've ever posted. Expect great things in the future...


  1. You sound like J.K. Rowling.

    Our bees are Africanized and very hostile and mean and nobody in America puts out saucers of sugar water when our bees come around. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of these cruel insects because of our agriculture industry. ��

    Will your editor send your book back in paper form with red marks all over it like in school or is your editing process more professional?

  2. Here's a cheerful song about bumble bees from the '90s, which is before bees became horrifying:

  3. You can also feed bees honey as that's technically their food :)

  4. Ha! Thanks very much for your comments, and advice about bees. Though, I hear it is only wise to feed them their own honey, as they can catch disease from other bees' honey...