Friday, October 17, 2014

Book events in Falmouth...

Tomorrow, I'm heading down to the Falmouth Book Festival to do a few bookish things.

Falmouth is a place very dear to me. It's where I went to university, had my first short story published, and lived out my wilderness years (which is a phrase stolen from Gwendoline Riley's Cold Water). I read Cold Water when I lived there, and its young author and her writing about the every day truths of her life (Gwendoline was 22 when it came out; I 20) tempted me with the notion that I could be a writer now.

The Falmouth Book Festival is in association with Telltales, which is an organisation that I set up with my dear friend Clare Howdle in 2008, and which I am incredibly happy to see continuing to bring bookish good times to the south west, and beyond.

I'm doing a variety of different events with fellow Simon and Schusterite Rupert Wallis, who I know from the Telltales days, and whose debut Young Adult novel The Dark Inside is accruing great reviews, and has recently been nominated for the Edinburgh First Book Award (which closes at midnight tonight, so go and vote!)

Our first public event, is on Monday 20/10 at Dolly's Wine Bar at 2pm. Talented screen, stage and story writer, Jane Pugh will be asking Rupert and I about our books, journeys to publication, and that sort of thing, as well as opening it up for a Q and A and readings. Come along, and see what you think. It's free, and will be entertaining, I promise.

Tuesday night is again at Dolly's Wine Bar, this time for a Young Adult Speakeasy, starting at 7pm, with Telltales, the Writing Squad and the Story Republic. It is a free event, suitable for adults and young adults, and is another chance to hear Rupert and I read, and check out the local, young writing talent (not in a creepy way, you.)