Thursday, July 3, 2014

Infinite Sky in Toronto...

So, I'm back from North America. Who can believe it? Not me.


 For fear of missing my plane and the whole tour, I got to the airport for the first of my five flights stupidly early. En route, I checked I was still okay-looking.


In preparation for my big adventure I had a bag of extremely healthy and nutritious snacks, plus Emma Jane Unsworth's rude and remarkable novel, Animals.

After a feast of weird but delicious airplane food and many sitcoms, I arrived in Canada.

More specifically, Toronto. I fell in love with this place with its colourful buildings and blue skies.

I just missed a huge storm, but there was no sign of it where I was staying, in Queen West.
Rita Silva from Simon and Schuster picked me up, and took me to my hotel WHICH HAD AN INFINITY POOL ON THE ROOF, but after wandering around a bit, I had to give into jetlag (which is a real thing - who knew?) draw my curtains and pretend to be in England.

Cue waking up about five o'clock every day for the rest of my trip, and not even minding. The next day was a school visit to Bowmore Public School where I talked to a couple of hundred students about how I became a writer (always preferred books to people), and where the idea for Infinite Sky came from (made it up).

Afterwards, there was a signing, and then - one of the highlights of the trip - some students showed us a dance they were learning. I wasn't such a pro in those first heady days of the tour, and so I didn't take photos of any of this. Idiot.

Suffice to say it was the best thing I've ever seen, and you have missed out in a way you can't understand. Imagine thirty teens springing around semi-enthusiastically to a mega mix of Motown into The Beatles into The Spice Girls into Nirvana into Miley Cyrus and then just enjoy it really.

After this was lots of signings at various branches of Indigos, which is Canada's biggest independent book store, and then a very delicious lunch with some of the S&S team and some of the people from Indigo at Brassai.

I then made a quick film with Hayley from The O'Deary Library, and then began my time off, during which I planned to eat everything. I did quite well at achieving this goal. Lots of people I asked for tips suggested I go to Kensington Market, which was vivid and busy.

And also had this car garden. (Carden?)

Here is the place that Felicia from S&S recommended, and which served the best fish tacos I have ever tasted.

After my day off in Toronto, it was time to fly to Los Angeles for the next bit of my trip, the Summer Lovin 2.0 tour, with Sarah Ockler, Jody Casella and Suzanne Young, which was even more fun that I had anticipated.

Come back soon to read about how me and the Summer Lovin ladies got our photo taken on the red carpet, met Steven R. McQueen from The Vampire Diaries and tried to give Ellen DeGeneres free cakes.