Wednesday, May 14, 2014

News round up...

Hi everyone,

I've not blogged for ages because time passes too quickly, and I don't understand it.

Last week, I won my first award. It was the James Reckitt Hull Children's Book Award, and I spent two days visiting six schools in Hull, as well as talking to the voting students before the award was given out. I had a wonderful time, meeting teachers, librarians, and the other shortlisted authors, among them my old pal, Phil Earle.

Hull was most welcoming, and I really appreciated the crumbling landscape of the old docks and harbour. I wandered around in the rain (and shine), with Morrissey playing in my head on a loop, then went back to my hotel room and ate couscous from a little tub.

And then the next day, I won the prize, and was delighted. Very un-Morrissey like. Or at least un-the-public-face-of-Morrissey-like.

Here is some audio of the crowning moment.

Also, I found out that Infinite Sky has made it through to the shortlist of the Branford Boase Award, alongside my writing friend, Holly Smale. This prize is terribly exciting, since it honours the important, but behind-the-scenes work of the editor. It is in memory of a happy editor/author pairing, Wendy Boase and Henrietta Branford, who died in 1999.

The Leeds Book Award is next week, and I am looking forward to meeting the young folk at the voting event.

In other news, Infinite Sky is coming out in the US on 20 May, and I'm going on an American tour in June. The details are just being finalised at the minute, but there are a few of us Simon and Schuster authors touring together, so it's rather exciting. I'll write more about that very very soon. Until then, hurray.