Thursday, January 17, 2013

My first handwritten letter from a reader...

Hey look!

I received my first ever handwritten letter from a reader. Her name is Ellie Ball, and she is nearly 16, and clearly very, very cool.

Here is what she wrote:

Monday, January 14, 2013

I love Simon and Schuster, and book news...

Sincere apologies for the gush-fest that is about to occur, but I've had the loveliest experience of publishing so far, and for this I wholeheartedly and unequivocally blame the team at Simon and Schuster.

From getting a cover that I loved, to seeing the book improve due to my talented editor, copy-editor and proofreader, to meeting the sales team, my experience has been so positive. Everybody has been enthusiastic and committed to getting the book into shape and getting it noticed, and I'm so grateful.

In case you have forgotten what it looks like.

And now, as if they were trying to make me actually weep, Catherine, the Children's Publicity and Marketing Manager, has sent out these gorgeous items to important industry folks.


I know I'm biased, but have you ever seen anything so gorgeous? I really really doubt it.

And other book-related stuff:

Infinite Sky was on Stylist Magazine's Cult Books of 2013 list, along with my lovely friend, Nathan Filer's The Shock of the Fall about who they said: "No less than eleven publishing houses entered a bidding war for Nathan Filer's groundbreaking novel, which draws on the author’s own background as a mental health nurse. Matthew and Simon are brothers who are separated, yet united by a tragic accident. Exploring themes of loss, grief and mental illness, the reader is said to be transported 'directly into the spinning vortex that is schizophrenia.'"

About my book, they said: "Loved by young adult journalists, C.J. Flood's debut novel is also a burgeoning hit among adult readers. It tells the story of Iris, who the reader encounters at the funeral of a boy she loves - but is she mourning her tearaway brother or her tentative boyfriend? We journey through a summer with her as she encounters betrayal, conflict and first love."

His sounds better, doesn't it? Damn him. I should never have included his quote on here.

Also, I wrote a blog post over at The Lucky 13s about how Infinite Sky got its cover if you are interested in the behind the scenes stuff. 

There's still a book giveaway at Good Reads.

And finally, I have really nearly finished book two, which is due for release in February 2014.

Upcoming events

February 7th, will be a launch for Infinite Sky, along with Tom Benn's Bane Book Two: Chamber Music and Andrew Cowan's Worthless Men. Starting at 8pm in the Drama Studio at UEA, there will be readings and then a winey signing afterwards. Come along! It'll be fun!

February 16th, I'm doing a signing at St Peter's Street Waterstones, Derby. From 2-4, I will be upstairs near the Young Adult section, so PLEASE come and talk to me. I will provide sweets, and am also going to do a free book raffle. So COME ALONG, for god's sake. Even if you can't afford the book/wouldn't buy it if you had one million euros, there will be other prizes too (probably a Toblerone). You can get a free ticket to be entered into it at any point, and then just pop by at four for the 'grand prize draw' (most likely me, looking embarrassed, shouting to a room containing my mum and dad and booksellers who can't quite meet my eye.