Friday, November 16, 2012

Infinite Sky Giveaway on Good Reads...

So, as promised, I am giving away an advanced copy of Infinite Sky on Good Reads.

All you have to do is visit Good Reads - register, if you're not already signed up - and click the Enter to Win button next to my book. That's it. The competition is open for a month.

Also, Michelle, over at Fluttering Butterflies is running a giveaway for a number of lovely-looking books, mine included. All you have to do is comment on her blog. I think the magic words are Pick me! But have a read, and check.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First ever book signing

Look! Here's me, yesterday, having a day that dreams are made of. I went to Simon and Schuster HQ to talk to my very talented editor about book two, meet the marvellous publicity team, and sign a table full of copies of Infinite Sky destined for key booksellers and journalists. Somehow, in all my years of dreaming, I hadn't thought about how I would sign them, so the first batch of books have my bank signature on.

The wonderful Phil Earle having a tiny sleep.

There is lots of excitement about Infinite Sky in-house, and it was lovely to sign copies for members of the team, even if I was too bedazzled to know what to write (or to recall what I wrote). There was much talk of crying on public transport while reading my book, which is one of my favourite things to hear. Bus, tube or train, I don't mind, so long as the tears are falling.

We made a short video and a podcast about Infinite Sky and how it came to be, and I read a short extract. I will post these things here when they are ready. Also, I was really pleased to find out that the book will be on sale at The Clothes Show next month, so, you know, go there and buy it.

I will be giving away another copy soon, through Good Reads. So if you're not already registered there, sign up, and add it to your Want to Read list in preparation.

Thanks for stopping by!