Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Survive your First Author Event...

This Tuesday, I went to Chesterfield Library to read the opening chapters of Infinite Sky. Emma Pass (fellow Lucky 13) read from ACID and Helen Mort read from her upcoming pamphlet, Division Street too. We then answered questions about writing and our books from another Derbyshire writer, River Wolton.

River, Emma, me, Helen, and various unidentified back of the heads.

I was nervous about this event. Not only was it was the first time I'd answered questions in front of an audience, it was also the first time I'd read in front of my dad and his partner. It didn't help that I forgot my story (first time I have ever done it!) and had to print it on arrival. Or that I arrived late, due to casually assuming Chesterfield was just up the road rather than Actually Checking A Map.Or that my dad arrived even later due to having the same genetic disposition towards this terrible habit as me. (I hold him responsible as the Creator.)

I always feel I have too many arms right about this point.

Guess what? There was no need to worry! The audience was warm, my fellow panel members were fascinating, and most important of all: I knew all the answers to the questions! They were in my head, put together after years of experience. No need to revise at all! Also, my dad didn't walk out during my reading, or throw eggs at me. Really it was relief all round.

"Yeah, so basically I just sit at a desk and make stuff up."

It was lovely to see River, Emma and Helen again, and Ali Betteridge who set the whole thing up as part of Derbyshire Literature Festival. (Which continues until May 20, so it's not too late to have a look.) I look forward to returning to Chesterfield Library to read from Infinite Sky when it comes out in February.

Do you get nervous about reading in public? Would it scare you to have your dad in the audience? I love to hear from you.